In Cusco, the ancient Inca city, more than 20 years ago Eureka was born in the colonial neighborhood of San Blas. A family dream that became the greatest adventure of our lives. We decided to open the doors of our house to welcome all visitors from all over the world and make their trip a dream discover.


We know each trip - regardless of the reason - is a myriad of emotions, an opportunity and especially a learning experience. Although the feeling of happiness overpowers us during this voyage, we also know that nothing compares to home because we always miss our roots. We really know that feeling, your concerns, your hopes, your needs; we are like you, always waiting for the end of the day to come back to our home, to share our experiences and to feel the sense of home belonging.


Today, we want to share you our history, not only because we are proud of our roots but also because we all are EUREKA. We are those who dare to discover the adventure of exploring the most human side, who allow our senses to experience the beauty of life. I want to hear your stories, to know your culture and to share ours. I want you to enjoy our ancestral landscapes, to astonish and discover new cultures and life experiences. Eureka does not stop dreaming; we dream of a world of peace through mutual understanding. That is why we invite you to our place in the world to meet and bring home away from home.

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Calle Chihuampata Nº 591 San Blas Cusco
+51 984 504 048
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